Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Integration Guide

To implement our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector you will have to follow three simple steps :

  1. Install the Bryj package from the Salesforce Appexchange.
  2. Create a new package within your Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment.
  3. Configure the connector with the information from the previous package.

The combination of both packages includes:

  • The data part which will allow you to create Data Extensions between SFMC and GROW 2.0
  • The activity part which will allow you to send native notifications (push or in-app) thanks to the Bryj activity


In order to complete the set-up of the connector you will need to follow the requirements below :

  • Your CSM needs to activate the connector in your Service Plan. Upon activation, an API Key will be communicated to you which is required for the integration.
  • You will need user access to the GROW 2.0 solution.
  • Your app needs to have the GROW solution embedded and collect the same Subscriber Key as a User Identifier as the one configured in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
If you do not have a Bryj account, please get in touch with your workspace admin or dedicated CSM.

1) Install the package from Salesforce Appexchange

  • Go to
  • From this page click on Get It Now
  • If you are logged-in in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a pop-up will open asking you to install the package, click on Install Now.
  • After clicking on Install Now a success confirmation message will appear shortly after and a new package will be added in your SFMC environment and will be displayed in the Installed Packages section.

Once this is done, please continue with step 2 and create a new package from your Salesforce Marketing Cloud environment.

2) Create Package from Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Go to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account
  • Click on Installed Packages under the Apps menu on the left
  • When you are on the installed package page, click on New in the top right of the page
  • In the field Name, you can write any name, e.g.:”Bryj – SFMC Connector
  • You can leave the field description blank
  • Click on Save
  • Once save, you should land on the detail page of your new package, on this page click on Add Component

For the Component type, choose API Integration and click on Next.

For the Integration type, choose Server-to-Server and click on Next.

In the Server-to-Server properties, you should check the following box :

  • DATA
    • Data Extensions
      • Check Read & Write
  • Automation
    • Automations
      • Check Read
    • Journeys
      • Check Read, Write, Execute and Activate / Stop / Pause / Resume / Send / Schedule
  • Click on Save
  • Once save, leave the package page open as we will need some of the information from this page to complete the set-up of the connector. 

3) Connector Configuration

Once both packages have been installed / Created, you can start the final step of the set-up which is the configuration of the connector.

  • Go to your Marketing Cloud account and Click on AppExchange and select the option then log in using your Bryj credentials (if you don’t see the package “” please refresh the page).
To perform the next steps you will need Bryj user access.
If you do not have a Bryj user yet, please request a minimum permission Member from the workspace admin or your dedicated CSM.

On the new page, you will have to select the workspace you would like to connect the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector to, workspaces listed will refer to your Bryj account permissions. In the field below you should paste the API Key that was provided to you by your CSM once this is done click on Next.

If you are missing the Bryj Salesforce Marketing Cloud API Key, you should contact your dedicated CSM.

On the new form, copy the client_id and client_secret and authentication base URI from the package you created previously and paste the informations in their respective fields.

Once this is done click on Save, and a configuration confirmation screen should be display.

  • When click on OK, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the connector.

If you successfully did all the steps described above. You are done with the connector setup!

Advanced setup

In case you have an environment including several BUs. No need to add the packages to all your BUs!

Just go to your main BU and licence all the current and future users for the packages that was created previously (Appexchange Package and Manual Package), you should do as shown below.

If you have any questions, please contact your CSM and don’t forget to check our User Guide documentation to learn how to use the marketing cloud connector.