My service levels

GROW allows you to pay for what you need, and what you need is defined by your Service Level!  

The Service Level dashboard allows you to quickly check general information on your subscription and your current consumption, including a breakdown per project. 

The primary purpose of this dashboard is to help you stay within your limits.

If you are a Workspace Admin, you can access your Service Levels overview at any time by clicking on the Administration icon located in the left menu.

The purpose of this page is to have an overview of your current consumption.
You can contact your CSM if you need to upgrade or downgrade your current plan.

Contractual information

This page provides some general information on your contract so you are always know whom to contact to discuss your needs:

  • Renewal date
  • Number of CSM days
  • Main CSM
  • Back-up CSM

A contact button is available in case you have some questions or need to adjust your plan. The “Contact my CSM” button will then open a draft in your preferred emailing app pre-filled with your CSM’s email.

Consumption monitoring

Consumption monitoring is the heart of the quotas. It is crucial you have visibility on your consumption over time to avoid overrunning your limits and anticipate potential adjustments.

Below your contractual information, you’ll have a board displayed your detailed consumption.

  • Each item is a quota service.
  • Each column is a project from your workspace
  • A “total” will display allowed limits and associated consumption.

Resources to monitor

Resources to monitor can be divided in two categories: General resources and Monthly consumed resources.


General resources are global consumption assets not set in time, each time you will look at your service level it will take a picture of your current global consumption, it does not reset from one month to another.

General quotas are:

  • Number of projects
  • Number of licenses
  • Data retention period
  • Data freshness
Data Freshness represents how often data is updated. By default it is set to 24 hours. Smaller time windows will be proposed in coming versions of GROW.
Please let your CSM know if you need to increase this data update frequency.

Monthly consumption

Monthly consumption resources are consumption assets set in time, it resets each month. Monthly consumption KPIs are:

  • Number of campaigns
  • Number of Manual campaigns APIs requests
  • Number of Other API requests
  • Number of data points
  • Number of Trackable Users
  • Number of Active Audiences

You have the option to download your consumption report. To do this, click on the export button located at the top right of the page. An e-mail will be sent to you with a link allowing you to download the export.

Each service level is subject to a limit, when reaching a limit, some functional impacts are to be anticipated.  

For instance, if you reach your active licenses’ quota, it will not be possible to invite a new teammate to your workspace unless you deactivate or delete an existing user.

Quota overrun

We have also provided an alert system to allow you to anticipate possible functional impacts.

If your limits are approaching (90% of your quota) or reached all workspace users and dedicated CSM receive an e-mail.

If you receive this e-mail, we strongly advise you to contact your CSM directly to avoid any service disruption!

If a limit is reached, functional impacts will be detailed in the notification email.