Project management

When subscribing to Bryj’s product suite you will be granted access to a dedicated workspace to benefit from our products.

As GROW can be used on projects created in your workspace, it is essential you master project administration and configuration.

Definitions – Workspaces & Projects 

GROW allows you to manage your workspace and the various associated projects from the administration menu.

What is a Workspace?

Workspace is your dedicated company space associated to your service plan. All your project configuration, engagement actions, dashboards… are tied to your own workspace.

All GROW users working on the workspace projects will log in and collaborate on your workspace.

What is a Project?

A GROW project is a group of apps containing:

  • one live application on the Apple App Store and/or the Google Play Store
  • up to 8 QA applications allowing you to carry out all your tests

The configuration of several live apps will offer cross-platform dashboards as well as enabling key features on your live apps as creating cross-platform audiences, campaigns and analytics.

Determine project groups
You can determine how many projects you need by counting the number of live apps in your Stores. 
For example, if you are a retailer, you have three apps on the Apple Store: Cocoa Factory, Gummy Land, and CookieAddict. You’ll need to have three projects!
Set up your QA apps wisely as their data retention is lower than your live’s apps one.
Your Live apps data retention will rely on the one agreed in your subscription. Your QA apps data retention is 90 days.

Project Management

To create a Project or manage existing ones, click on Administration in the left side menu, then go to the “Projects” tab.

The Administration layout will change a bit depending on your permissions level,

Project list page

On this page, you’ll see the list of the project(s) you have access to. The projects’ list will display key information on your projects:

  • Name of the project
  • Supported platforms (for live applications only)
  • Number of live applications
  • Number of QA applications.

The example below is a workspace admin view, he can see all projects within the workspace and manage them. A project admin will see the projects he is an admin of to view and edit its settings.

General project settings edition

Project settings edition can be performed by clicking on a specific project. Editing project settings can be performed by any admin (workspace or project admin).

You can add an icon or edit its name by clicking on the project in the list. At the top of the project page is the name of the project with a placeholder for an image.

  • To change the name of the project, click on the edit icon and then type the new name you want to associate with the project. It will be updated at the end of the entry
  • To add/edit a photo, click on the placeholder of the image. A pop-up will open allowing you to upload a photo. You can also crop this photo if needed

Supported format :

  • Image : jpg, jpeg, png, gif
  • The file size must be less than 10MB

Project creation & deletion

As project creation and deletion will have a direct impact on your subscription quotas, those actions can solely be performed by a workspace admin from the project list.

This feature is only available to Workspace Admins.

Project creation

Creating a project is like creating a folder that will contain the different environments of your application (iOS QA app, Android Live app, etc.).

Click on “Add a project”.

A pop-up will open to fill in the name of the project. Once your project is saved, its name will appear in the list of projects.

Project deletion

A trash icon is available in the projects list so that a workspace admin can remove a project if needed. A confirmation window will appear, to confirm its deletion.

Keep in mind that following any manual deletion, your data will be archived for 1 month before being permanently deleted. If you want to organize the migration of your data in anticipation of a deletion, do not hesitate to contact our CSM before initiating the process