Project settings – Attributes

Attributes is a set of data tied to a user profile. It enables targeting based on specific user attributes such as a loyalty membership, a birth date or any data related to its profile.

These attributes can be valued via the app through a specific user behavior

An attribute is exclusively linked with “logged-in users” (when a user ID is populated).

Project attributes’ list

Click on the attribute tab from the Project page to see attributes already declared for the applications in your project.

For each attribute, you should be able to witness:

  • Attribute Name
  • Source
  • Type: Date, Boolean, Number, String

Add attribute

You can declare new custom attributes that should come up for your project’s mobile apps.

Once declared at the project level, the attribute is valid for all project apps.

To declare a new attribute, click on the “Add attribute” and define its parameters:

  • Attribute Name (string)
  • Source
  • Type: Date, Boolean, Number, String
An attribute cannot be populated for a specific user before its declaration in the project settings.

Copy attribute ID

When reporting an issue to your CSM, you may need to send an attribute identifier to help the investigation.

Upon click on the “show IDs”, a pop-up will appear displaying the attribute identifiers linked to each app of the project.

Delete attribute

You can delete attributes that are not relevant to your project anymore. By clicking on the delete CTA, a confirmation pop-up should show to ask the user if he wants to proceed or not.

Once an attribute is deleted, GROW will stop ingesting data related to this attribute. The data previously stored for this attribute will be erased, audiences leveraging this attribute will be set to inactive