User management

This chapter will explain how to manage users’ access & roles. Role descriptions reminder can be found in this chapter.

General user management will occur in Administration’s “Users” tab. It is also possible to focus on a specific project role management in the “Users” tab of the project page.

Available actions for user management will depend on your own role. Workspace admins and Project admins will have different available actions for user management as the workspace admin will have greater permissions than a project admin. Other roles are not eligible to perform any kind of user management-related actions.

A Workspace admin can:

  • Invite a User
  • Edit a User
  • De-activate / Re-activate a User’s permission
  • Delete a User

A project admin can only edit an existing user to invite/remove him from his projects.

From the “Users” tab in the administration panel

Invite a user

Inviting a brand new user to the workspace can only be performed by a Workspace admin!

This action can be performed upon clicking on “Add User” in the Administration panel’s “Users” tab.

Fill in the user’s email and desired role (project-related or workspace admin).

If a workspace admin is created you will only be required to provide its First Name and Last name.

If a project role user is created, you will be required to provide its:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Project permissions: Project & role. A user can have different permissions per project.

Upon clicking on “Invite User”, the account creation can be finalized by the user thanks to the invitation email.

Edit a user

You can edit a user role if I need to reallocate its permissions. Project role user type can be edited through the Users tab in the Administration panel or the one available on the project page.

From Administration’s Users list

Directly from the users’ list, you can change the Role of the user on a specific project or remove a user from a specific project.

A Workspace admin user cannot be edited, he has access to all workspace projects and has the highest permission level.

From Project’s Users list

The admin can directly click on a user role in the list to display the available roles. If a change is done it will be saved immediately. A confirmation toast will show.

A change of permissions can also be done through a click on the record. A pop-up similar to the creation flow will appear so that you can edit access levels.

Click on “Add User”, from the project’s users list will allow the admin to add a user already invited to the workspace. Several scenarios could happen:

  • The user is already a workspace admin, he does not need specific access to the project he can already see everything
  • The email is unknown, which means a workspace admin needs to invite this user before it can be assigned to a specific project
  • The user is known so you can add appropriate permissions

Activate / Deactivate users

By default when a user is invited, his license is active. One active user counts as one active license (the number of allocated project roles does not matter).

Deactivation and re-activation licenses are useful to regulate the quotas associated with your Service Plan. This action can only be performed by a Workspace admin thanks to the toggle available in the users’ list.

A user with a deactivated license means he cannot log in to the platform.

A user with an active license can log in to GROW normally.