Campaign list

This page is the center of commands for your campaigns! You will be able to:

  • Check all campaigns previously created based on the criteria of your choice.
  • Benefit from quick campaign overview stats to assess your campaigns individually. Your general campaign performance can be assessed through Campaign Analytics.
  • Manage your campaigns.

Campaigns list

This list will allow you to check your campaign’s individual stats.

The list can be filtered on several criteria:

  • Audience picker

The Audience filter allows you to filter your campaign’s list based on the audience configured within the campaign.

Campaign card overview

The campaign block gives you general information about a specific campaign, like the overall campaign definition as well as general statistics.

Below you will find the description of the indicators and interactions available within this campaign block :

General information

The card will contain general information

  • The name of the campaign is defined during the creation flow. Upon click, it will redirect you to the campaign details.
  • Labels
    • Target OS
    • Campaign type (push, in-app)
    • Delivery type (one time, recurring, manual)
  • Campaign launch date and time
  • Campaign status (finished, ongoing, draft…)

If your are looking at a manual campaign we will display an extra visual indicator “API-based” as manual campaigns can be fired through APIs. If you are looking at a recurring campaign, its frequency will be displayed here too.

Campaign KPIs

The campaign card allows you to quickly assess your campaign performance without opening the campaign details page. This page is accessible by clicking on the campaign card.

Campaign KPIs definition can be found in campaign global analytics.

The first card to be displayed is the delivery report. The information displayed will adapt based on the campaign type (push, in-app):

The other cards to be displayed will depend on the campaign type also as it will display additional stats related to push or in-app performance.

  • Total open – only available for push campaigns
  • In-app interactions – only available for in-app campaigns

The last section to be displayed is the Goal to reach. It retrieves the conversion event name per OS and the number of times this goal has been reached.

If your campaign target your two live apps (iOS & Android), we’ll display the breakdown of conversion events reached by each OS.

Campaign management

As the campaign list is your center of command. it will allow some basic interactions such as:

  • Creating a campaign upon click on “New campaign”
  • Copying the campaign ID for automation or investigation purposes.
  • Editing a campaign (not accessible for “On-going” and “Finished” One time campaign), it will be similar to the creation flow.
  • Duplicating a campaign as draft
  • Stopping a campaign, applicable for recurring “On-going” campaign, and one-time campaign which did not start yet (“Start later”)
  • Checking campaign definition & details
  • Delete campaign
If you delete a campaign, it will not show anymore in the campaigns list and will not be taken into account anymore in the global campaign analytics KPIs.