App stability

Measuring you apps’ health in a matter of seconds is crucial so you can take immediate action if an issue arises.

The Dashboard allows you to assess the health of your application and measure its stability over time. This information has been synthesized in the frame “App stability.”

Description of the chart and interactions

The “App stability” frame provides two indicators:

  • “Healthy Monthly Usage” will give you the percentage of crash-free sessions over the last calendar month.
  • “Total crashes” is the total number of crashes encountered by your users over the period. This indicator is accompanied by a progression ratio compared to the previous month’s performance.
By hovering on the graph, you will see the exact figure of these indicators for a given day. Cross-platform mode allows you to decline these stats for each OS.
GROW is not a crash analytics tool. Our purpose is to provide a general indicator of your apps’ health.

If you are in need of more crash-related analytics, please implement a dedicated solution such as Crashlytics.