Dashboard Overview

Thanks to the dashboard functionality, you will have numerous KPIs and data visualizations, providing a global vision of your app’s health and the engagement level of your user population.

At any time, you can access the dashboard by clicking on the dashboard icon located on the left side menu

The dashboard can be contextualized thanks to several options:

  • The date picker to choose the period to observe your KPIs and data visualization.
  • The app picker to choose the application(s) to be observed.
If you choose a cross-platform view. You will have a cumulative view of your live apps.

The following reporting elements can be found in the dashboard. A more detailed description of each of the reports composing the dashboard in the following chapters.

App Activity 

The App Activity section gives you the essential data on the level of engagement in your application by showing you different KPIs over a given period, such as:

  • Number of sessions
  • Number of users

A toggle allows you to filter the data between all your trackable users or your logged-in users.

Opt-in devices

The “Opt-in devices” reporting allows you to measure the percentage of your population Opt-in for Push Notification and Opt-in Analytics over time.

App version adoption 

This section is helpful to monitor the transition of your users from one version to another and check if your user base adopted your latest app version.

App stability

The “App stability” frame allows you to assess the health of your application at a glance and measure its stability over time.

Devices and versioning

The “Device and versioning” piecharts will allow you to know the technical environment of your app users by analyzing the following points:

  • What type of device (Smartphone or Tablet) is used the most
  • What is the most used OS version
  • What is the most used version of the application