Opt-in devices

To anticipate the reach and measurability of your engagement actions, GROW provides reporting to follow the “Opt-in Push” and “Opt-in Analytics” evolution of your user base over time.


What is Opt-in Push?

Opt-in for push notifications is the consent of your user base individuals to receive push notifications. Your number of Opt-in devices when it relates to push notifications represents your reachable audience for push notification format.

Push notifications can be used at every customer journey stage, from onboarding and engagement to reactivation and loyalty.

The notion of Opt-in Push applies essentially to iOS devices as the user has to provide an explicit consent to be eligible to receive push notifications.

On Android, a trackable user is push opt-in by default upon app installation. However, recent Android-operated devices are requesting explicit push consent at the first launch. So do not take your Android opt-in push users for granted!
Opt-in push only applies to push notifications and not in-app messages. A user, whether opt-in push or opt-out push, will still be able to receive in-app messages.

What is Opt-in Analytics?

Opt-in analytics is the process by which a user with a mobile application allows GROW’s SDK to collect his behavioral data to improve the user experience continuously.

The more opt-in analytics users you have, the more accurate your targeting will be while leveraging our engagement capabilities. It is important to acknowledge the proportion of your user base whom is not tracked to measure conversion more effectively.

The business logic of the opt-in analytics is defined by you. Our team is providing support on the implementation but how and when the user can opt-in / opt-out for tracking has to be defined by the customer.

Opt-in analytics only concerns the user’s statutory and behavioral data. However, some non-identifiable technical data will continue to be collected by GROW for basic engagement capabilities (non-targeted campaigns). It will not allow the identification of a user or his activity.

Opt-in devices Chart

The “Opt-in devices” frame allows you to measure the percentage of your population Opt-in for Push Notification and Opt-in Analytics over time (always according to the dates entered in the date picker).

A toggle will be present at the top right of the frame to choose the Opt-in you want to monitor. 

Hovering the curve allows you to access statistics from a specific day:

  • The number of installed apps (corresponds to the Number of trackable users)
  • The number of opt-in devices found among these installed apps and its percentage representation on the total population.

As with the other graphs, these figures are specified for iOS and Android in cross-platform view.