Attribute Check Values

This feature is useful when conducting tests on attribute collection or campaign tests if the live debugging is not enough, this feature will allow you to check current values for all attributes related to a specific device at a given time.

This feature is for QA apps only: you can access this feature by the dedicated tab “Check attribute values”. This page allows you to check the value of each attribute valued for a specific device.

“Check attributes values” is not accessible for live apps . If a live app is selected, the “Check attribute” tab should not show.
However, attributes data collection check remains accessible for live apps through the Live debugging feature.

You can check the attributes linked to a specific device ID or user ID thanks to a search box. A cross will allow you to delete the identifier previously set if needed.

The result for the User or the Device ID are very similar. In both cases, you will witness the exhaustive list of attributes declared for the project and their value:

  • Attribute name
  • Attribute type (boolean, string…)
  • Current value for the device or user
  • Attribute source (where was this attribute collected)
  • Last modified

When the search results display, the “Search” button will switch to “Clear search results”. This will allow you to reset the page and start a new search.