Live debugging

GROW proposes the Live debugging feature which allows display of real-time logs sent by the device. Therefore, it allows you to easily test the logs from your tagging plan (events, attributes), campaigns, and other technical logs are collected as expected by GROW.

Start Live Debugging

You can initiate a live debugging session by clicking on the device to test in your list. You are redirected to a live requests monitoring page.

If your device has just been registered as a test device, you will have to wait up to 4 hours so that it can be used with the Live request feature.

Read your logs

When your device activity is observed, a “waiting for activity detection” message is shown. All requests sent by your test device will appear below this message. This is time to start testing!

Logs are coming indicating the time of the request and its type among:

  • Attributes
  • Events
  • Campaign
  • Device info

Clicking on a specific request will deploy its full content (JSON format)

Tip: If you just intend to test a specific tag for example “add_to_cart” you can use the search bar to ease up your search

Check attribute values

For QA apps only: you can access this feature by the dedicated tab “Check attribute values”. This page allows you to check the value of each attribute valued for a specific device.

“Check attributes values” is not accessible for live apps . However, attributes data collection check remains accessible for live apps through the Live debugging feature.

Send Test Message

You can send Messages to your test devices to ensure all campaigns formats are processed properly on your mobile apps.

Your can start testing from your test device page through the “Send Message” button.

A panel will appear to prepare your test… Check the next chapter to learn more.