Testing Message formats

You can send in-app messages and push notifications to your device by clicking on “send message” in the Test device page. It will ensure messaging capabilities are implemented properly.

3 types of messages are available to do your tests:

  • In-app: Once sent, re-open the app once the message has been sent to see it appear on the device
  • Simple push: the deep-link is optional. Once sent, wait for the notification to appear on your lock screen
  • Rich push: the deep-link is optional but you will be required to upload a media to test the rich content. Once sent, wait for the notification to appear on your lock screen
    • Supported format :
      • Video: mp4 (Only for iOS)
      • Audio: mp3 (Only for iOS)
      • Image: jpg, jpeg, png, gif 

Deep-links are optional when setting up your message. This field can contain an URL, one of your app’s deep-link or even another app’s deep-link.

Tip: if you would like to test some redirects to an emailing app, or even your phone do not hesitate to use the deep-link field to enter links that are not directly related to your app.
mailto://support@company.com will open a draft email to the selected sender for example!

Once your test message is ready, send it by clicking on the “Send Message” button located on the bottom of the side panel.

If you want to abroad messaging test, click on the “Cancel” button to go back to the Device page.