October 2022 Release – GROW 4.1 Platform

Welcome to our fall release note!

Here are all the new features included in version 4.1 of GROW.

Dashboard – App stability

Using the technical data fetched by your apps, GROW monitors your applications’ health. App Stability chart allows you to check your applications’ stability over time and to react quickly in case of an increase in crashes or a decrease in healthy usage.

Campaign Type – API Trigger

You can now trigger a campaign using our new API to deliver messages to specific users from your back-end systems.

If you’re composing a push message, the API Trigger campaign allows you to customize the content of each message with variables contained in the messages and in the redirect links (URLs, Deeplinks, and Universal links).

Campaign Analytics – Campaign Goals

You can now measure the business impact of your campaign using campaign goals.

The campaign goal is your campaign success criteria. In addition to measuring your push opening rates, you can monitor your campaign performance with a specific event from your tagging plan (Order, Subscription, Funnel Completion).

Administration – Service Levels Management

You can now measure your consumption autonomously your workspace consumption and general information at any moment. A new consumption monitoring page is available in Administration.

You will be able to monitor the metrics associated with your service plan, by project and by type of consumption (Campaigns sent, API requests, number of active audiences, etc.)

An alert system will also inform you when one of the quotas is approaching its limit, so you will be able to adjust your service plan with the help of your CSM.

Debug Console – Live request

Register your device as a test device and see in near real-time the exchanges made between your apps and the GROW platform

In this version, the registration of the device has been simplified. Scan a QR code to register your device.

The Debug console allows you to:

  • Check if campaigns are well received and displayed
  • Check if the logs from your custom tagging are coming up as expected (event & attributes).  
  • Check your device and app technical information

Debug Console – Send message

You can now send to your test devices notifications allowing you to test:

  • Redirection via URL, Deep links and Universal links
  • Media content in pushes (photo, video, gif – only on iOS for the latter 2)
  • Display of In-apps and interactions

April 2022 Release – GROW 4.0 Platform

Welcome to GROW!

We are glad to introduce the first release note of GROW Platform!

Find below all features you can benefit from to better know and engage your applications’ users:

  • A revamped navigation system to filter all your data in a few clicks on a specific period and easily compare your iOS & Android apps performance.
  • A dashboard to access many relevant KPIs, providing a global vision of your apps’ health and users’ engagement.
  • An audience feature to define your target personas and key audiences to schedule and analyze targeted engagement actions based on your business goals.
  • A campaign feature to create, edit and orchestrate your Push notification and In-app campaigns more efficiently. It is accompanied by a new reporting system that will give you more precise KPIs on conversion and your business goals achievements through Campaign goals.
  • An administration interface to manage your service consumption, your projects & apps, and users’ status.
  • A debugging tool for technical and non-technical teams to check your GROW tracking implementation. A reliable tagging plan integration is key to your benefit from all GROW’s features

A new knowledge base for Users & Developers:

  • You are a new user, and you want to get started with GROW: go to GROW User Guide.
  • You are a developer and want to install the GROW SDK: you can follow our step-by-step SDK Integration Guide. You can also browse the methods provided by the SDK: see our SDK Usage Guide.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

The Bryj Team