1.0.6 – October 12th, 2022


  • Make the SDK compatible with Xcode 13. Since v1.0.5 the Grow SDK is not compatible with Xcode 13 anymore. In this release, we bring this compatibility back.

1.0.5 – October 11th, 2022

New Features

  • The new Debug screen displays all SDK information necessary to validate the integration is properly done. It can be displayed by opening the link [bundle_id]://debug-grow on your device (where bundle_id is your own app bundle id).

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong In-App campaign content size when displayed over an Alert.

1.0.4 – August 26th, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Not sending data anymore to the platform Debug page after app is relaunched → The SDK now persists its Debug registration status to continue sending debug data after app is terminated and relaunched.

1.0.3 – July 26th, 2022


  • The push Displayed event sending is now more stable and reliable, especially if network is slow and/or the device uses a VPN.

1.0.2 – May 25th, 2022


  • We made the SDK console logs more clear and accurate.

Bug Fixes

  • Missing Authorization header on download campaign assets request.

1.0.1 – April 22th, 2022


  • The way to initialize the SDK has changed to prevent misconfigurations:
    • The Notification Service extension is mandatory;
    • Keychain sharing capability is no longer required;
    • Both AppConfiguration and ExtensionConfiguration are provided by their respective builder;
    • Parameter appGroup is mandatory in both application and extension;
  • The Universal Link handling is now consistent for projects with and without Scenes: the SDK will forward the link from Grow push/in-app messages to the application through the Apple continue userActivity method.

Bug Fixes

  • User ID sending when analytics are disabled.
  • Device ID consistency between application and extension.
  • Privacy events sending when analytics are disabled.
  • SDK internal parameters sharing between applications with the same appGroup.
  • SDK internal state persisting after application is reinstalled.
  • Foreground event sending when launching the application on projects without Scenes.
  • Duplicated sending of the Foreground and Background events on projects without Scenes.
  • Duplicated campaigns retrieving request on projects without Scenes.

1.0.0 – March 25th, 2022

Welcome to the first release of the Grow 2.0 SDK.